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*“After being involved in a car accident, I was experiencing loss of mobility as well as neck and back pain (whiplash). After receiving treatment in the emergency room I was released, being given a prescription for muscle relaxers and main medication, and told to rest. I am a working mother and Taekwondo Instructor "rest" was not an option. I then consulted with Dr. Bo and treatment began immediately. After only a couple of treatments I was moving better and the pain significantly reduced. Now, I feel great, the pain is gone, and I can move freely again. All without medication!”

“I love my chiropractor.”
Maria W.

*“Dr. Janczar has been my chiropractor for 21 years and still counting. She has seen me through 3 whiplash injuries and 1 lower back injury.

I know how important chiropractic treatments are for my health and well being. If I wait too long in between treatments I will get a terrible headache that will last for days.

I have 2 curvatures in my spine; 1 in my neck and the other in my lower back. My neck gives me the most trouble. On 2 occasions my pain was behind my eye and my arm went numb. I went to see Dr. Janczar and after my treatment the pain was gone within minutes!

Thank you so much Dr. Janczar for all the care you have given me and continue to give me.”
Jennifer G.

*“At the end of April 2009, I got sciatica. I had terrible pain in my left lower back that ran down the side of my leg and into my large toe. My ankle started to give out and I twisted it many times. It became very swollen and painful. I couldn’t walk or sleep at night. My friend recommended her chiropractor, Dr. Janczar, I quickly took her up on her recommendation. My medical doctor just prescribed medication that was not helping and I did not want to take it because of the side effects. When I came to Dr. Janczar’s office, the clinic atmosphere was warm and pleasant. I felt better after Dr. Janczar’s treatment and after 6 weeks, the pain was completely gone and I can dance again. I still feel great and I am grateful to Dr. Janczar for giving me the ability to laugh and enjoy my life again. I highly recommend Dr. Janczar to anyone who may be suffering like I did. I really trust her because she is responsible, caring and has a heart of gold.”

*“After 25 years of sciatica problems and back pain my health plan finally offered chiropractic services as an alternative to taking anti- inflammatory and pain medications. The treatments and therapies used to relax the muscles that were spasmed on my back helped me get back to a quality of life I could enjoy without medications or pain.”
Manuel B.

*“Last year, I came in to see Dr. Bo with severe dizziness. At first I thought I had an ear infection so I got some antibiotics from my family doctor they seemed to help while I was taking them but when the prescription was finished the dizziness returned this time even worse than before.

Dr. Bo has been my chiropractor for many years and has helped me with many back and neck problems. On this particular day, I was shopping and I went to turn and I felt like I was going to pass out, it took all I had to get myself home from the store, my neck had become so stiff I could not even move it. I called Dr. Bo, explained to her what was going on. She said come on in, but have someone drive me. I waited for my husband, by the time he got home I was really not feeling right at all…We get to Dr. Bo’s office she and I talked for a while she was very concerned that I might be having a medical issue rather than just pain in my neck. She took my blood pressure etc. and all was well. She gave me some therapy and then adjusted my neck and all of a sudden the dizziness was gone….I actually had circulation flowing again to the top of my head and believe it or not even my ear did not hurt anymore.

Thank you Dr. Bo for all you do!"
Terry S.

*“I was having upper back and shoulder pain when I went looking for a local chiropractor. I found Dr. Bo through my insurance company’s list of Chiropractors. My symptoms were a combination of carpal tunnel and tension and stress from losing my job. The stress was affecting me for a few months. The carpal tunnel was with me for about a year. I was losing sleep and very uncomfortable. Dr. Bo has been very helpful in getting me back to normal. She always tells me how the adjustments will help me. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bo since 1998 and I will continue as long as I can. I usually see Dr. Bo before I seek medical care for my aches and pains. She always resolves the problem! I feel wonderful when she completes my care.”
Emily M.

*“I came to see Dr. Janczar after talking to her mother. Migraines, neck and back pain almost stopped my life. My primary care doctor prescribed medication for the migraines and other pain, but what really helped was chiropractic care and massage therapy. Dr. Janczar and the staff are very supportive and helpful. Dr. Bo also gave me helpful suggestions for activities and exercises I could do at home to promote improvement. My condition has improved steadily throughout treatment. I now very seldom get migraines or pain in the neck or back.

Life is easier to bear!"
Patricia C.

*“My apprehension to being adjusted came with a sigh of relief after meeting Dr. Janczar. I explained my back discomfort and Dr. Janczar thoroughly went over the treatment plan and made sure I was well educated and comfortable before we began treatment. I never have a concern now to receive chiropractic care. Dr Bo is very considerate to your medical needs.”

*“The Doctor was fast and effective when it came to helping me with a pinched nerve I had in my lower back. She helped me regain the ability to sit normal again. She even worked on my neck and spine, which felt amazing! I already scheduled to see her again and continue with this much needed TLC.”
Kathy F.

*“JGreat care. Dr. Bo is the best. She comes highly recommended by me and others.”
Stanley K.

*“Dr. Bo and her staff are GREAT!! I visit the office for massage therapy and chiropractic work after my endurance race competitions and leave feeling loose and relieved of pressure/ tightness throughout my body. I highly recommend Dr. Bo and her team if you are seeking professional recovery methods.

As a fitness coach who trains over fifty people, I have suggested my members visit Dr. Bo's office as part of their rest and recovery. In addition, my wife has gone there for a massage from Stephanie and loved it!

Thank you Dr. Bo for truly caring about your patients and delivering a great experience!”
Gino G. Fitness Coach and Endurance Athlete

*“Dr. Janczar is the best chiropractor we have ever had, very caring and helpful.”
Carlos R.

*“This is the best Chiropractor I have ever had... Dr Bozena and her staff are the best.. They take good care of you and all are very nice and kind !! Thank you Dr Bozena for all you do.”
Terri C.

*“Very nice atmosphere here. I was in excruciating pain and Dr. called me to get me in immediately on a Monday morning. Staff are friendly and extremely accommodating. I will be seeing them again in future.”
Anita C.

*“This place is the best , I have never felt more comfortable add a chiropractor and with the massage therapist. They take good care off me and my husband , and heal us fast , thank you much.”
Donna M.

*“They are very friendly. The Doctor has magic hands and always relieves my migraines headaches. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”
C. W.

*“Dr Bozena is awesome, took my wife for a migraine and she got rid of it, took myself for back pain and she worked her magic, she is amazing and would recommend her highly, more than 5 stars in my book.”
Benito G.

*“The Doctor was fast and effective when it came to helping me with a pinched nerve I had in my lower back. She helped me regain the ability to sit normal again. She even worked on my neck and spine, which felt amazing! I already scheduled to see her again and continue with this much needed TLC.”
Fonse K.

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